Are staff required to participate in the in-person small-group supports?

At this time, HCPSS is requesting staff to volunteer for instruction and to support these programs. HCPSS is in the process of reaching out to identified staff members to request volunteers. If the number of volunteers is insufficient to meet students’ needs for a particular program, the program will not be offered in that school.

Are there any opportunities for students to come to school in person?

The COVID-19 pandemic has created significant learning challenges for many students, especially those who typically find themselves not meeting grade-level or course standards at the same rate as their peers. An HCPSS cross-functional workgroup has been considering how the school system might provide in-person support to small groups of students. HCPSS has implemented face-to-face educational assessments of students and has a detailed plan for expanding services to every school by the end of the first marking period.

Will the fall 2020 MAP test be given?

Yes, the HCPSS reopening plan includes the NWEA Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) as one of the mechanisms for assessing where elementary and middle school students are instructionally and help identify the gaps in learning.

NWEA has provided an at-home testing option that HCPSS will facilitate. The at-home administration will occur in the early fall during Wednesday asynchronous instruction time to reduce the impact on synchronous instruction. Schools/teachers will communicate with families directly on testing dates/times and directions.