Is there a cost to use HCPSS-issued Chromebooks?

Update: Aug. 27, 2022

There is no cost for students to receive and/or use HCPSS Chromebooks. However, charges may be assessed for HCPSS-issued Chromebooks that are lost/stolen while in a student’s care and/or as the result of neglect on the part of the student. 

HCPSS may charge families for lost, stolen or damaged devices per the following:

  • Families may be charged for any devices or power adapters that are lost or stolen while in their care.
  • Families will be provided one-time forgiveness for the first damaged device or power adapters.
  • If devices are lost, stolen or damaged during school hours and in the school building, school administrators will conduct an investigation to determine if the incident was the result of neglect on the part of the assigned student.

Complete information is available online.