How will I provide input for the decision-making process for Compensatory Education/Recovery Services for my child?

For students receiving services through an IEP, there is a collaborative, data-based process in place to make individual decisions for students. Parent/guardian input is critical to the process of deciding a child’s need for compensatory education/recovery services as a result of the COVID-19 school closures. Before HCPSS makes any determination (offer) of these services, you will be asked to provide your input. 

Case managers will contact families after there is data gathered from your child’s return to in-person instruction. You will receive a blank copy of a Parent Input Form from your child’s special education case manager with direction on when and where to submit the form. The timing of your contact may not be the same as other families for different reasons. For example, parents of students exiting HCPSS schools or students transitioning between levels have received their forms.

You can begin using the sample Parent Input Form as a planning document to start gathering information about your child’s progress. This will allow you the greatest amount of time to organize the information. Parents can submit notes, work samples, checklists, photos and more to help communicate information about their child’s progress since March 2020 through their return to in-person services. The sample form includes other ideas for things to think about.
After you receive your compensatory services determination from your child’s case manager, you will be able to provide additional feedback . Additional input can be considered at various points in the determination process.  

For parents whose child is currently on IFSP and who were served on an active IFSP from March 14 - November 30, 2020, your service coordinator will be in touch by mid August to discuss progress, concerns, and eligibility for Compensatory Education/Recovery Services.