How will HCPSS ensure student privacy and security on technology devices?

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Chromebooks have many default security and privacy measures to help protect student data privacy. HCPSS-owned Chromebooks and their configuration must comply with HCPSS Board Policies: 8080 Responsible Use of Technology, Digital Tools and Social Media, 3040 Technology Security and 3060 Student Data Governance and Privacy. ​In addition, HCPSS has an approved set of Essential Digital Tools that students will use during virtual learning. HCPSS maintains contracts with the vendors of these digital tools to protect students’ data privacy and security.

To comply with the Children’s Internet Protection Act, HCPSS uses a commercial product called Lightspeed to filter ​inappropriate content and monitor ​general usage of the Chromebooks. To support inventory tracking, HCPSS has also deployed extensions to track basic information about the location of the Chromebook and the network the Chromebook is connected to. ​These extensions do not track personal data. You can see the permissions by navigating to chrome://extensions and choosing an extension.