How does the IEP team determine if Compensatory Education/Recovery Services are required?

In alignment with MSDE guidance, school team members will need to examine these data points for each student after they have returned to in-person learning and data related to potential regression and recoupment has been collected.

  • Length of school closure (e.g., time without any instruction, time with virtual and/or distance learning, etc.), including information related to the general education curriculum provided to all students and the student’s ability to access virtual instruction.
  • Data on the student’s ability to recoup skills and make progress on IEP goals upon the return to school.
  • Documentation of accommodations and/or services provided (e.g., amount of instruction and
  • services including dates, times, and duration), as well as accommodations and/or services the school system was unable to provide during the virtual instruction and reopening of school.
  • Were the educational services provided to the student during the period of virtual instruction and reopening, reasonable to allow the student to be involved in and access the general education curriculum and make progress on their IEP goals.

Per MSDE TAB 20-09, the Compensatory Education/Recovery Services provided will not always reflect the same services (amount, frequency) that were missed.