Are there reasons student reassignment will not be granted?

Per Policy 9000, reassignments will not be granted for the following reasons:

  • The need for a particular schedule or class.
  • Requests for siblings to remain enrolled in the same school.
  • Addressing the impact of redistricting options, except for students with an IEP, 504 Plan or those with at least one parent who is currently active duty military personnel.
  • Accommodating child care arrangements.

The following reasons are also not considered unique family hardships as, countywide, thousands of families manage similar challenges annually:

  • the pandemic
  • divorce
  • school safety concerns/peer conflicts that have not been brought to the attention of the school
  • neighborhood conflicts
  • familiarity/comfort with a particular school
  • statements by parent of undiagnosed mental health concerns (e.g., my child does not like change, my child is anxious)
  • missed deadlines for programs (e.g., JROTC)
  • a family move prior to a student achieving Junior status
  • conflicts with administration and/or specific teachers.

Student Reassignment is not the appropriate process to address dissatisfaction with Individual Educational Plan (IEP) accommodations and/or placement decisions or for Section 504 grievances. Such accommodations are made by an IEP team in order to implement a student’s IEP and provide a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) as mandated in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Please follow the proper due process for dissatisfaction with IEP placement or Section 504 grievances.