Why was my student previously eligible for bus service but isn’t eligible now?

HCPSS Policy 5200 Student Transportation extended the distance between a student’s home and school that determines their eligibility for bus transportation. Utilizing transportation software, measurements will begin at the property boundary of the school/school campus from the closest adjacent suitable pathway and end at the property line of the bona fide residence. If the distance between a student’s property boundary and school/school campus property boundary is shorter than the distance listed below, they are in a non-transported area. This means they will not receive bus service unless there are safety reasons determined by HCPSS that require bus transportation to be provided. 

  • Prekindergarten through Grade 5: 1.0 mile
  • Grades 6–8: 1.5 miles
  • Grades 9–12: 2.0 miles

Per Policy 5200, the Office of Student Transportation may extend these distances to coincide with breaks in the pattern of homes, such as cul-de-sacs, street intersections, major roadways, streams, parks, walking easements, commercial property, vacant land, unusual contour variations, and other features.  

If you would like to report a safety concern within the non-transported area please contact the Office of Student Transportation.