Who makes up the Student Walking Route and Bus Stop Review Committee? How are members chosen to serve? How do you ensure that concerns are addressed without bias?

The Student Walking Route and Bus Stop Review Committee has been in place for years and consists of three members: the Howard County Bureau of Highways Traffic Engineering Division, the Howard County Office of Transportation, and a community citizen, who is a volunteer that demonstrates a wealth of knowledge in this area and is familiar with the entire county transportation infrastructure. Staff from HCPSS are not part of this committee, which is intentional to maintain impartiality. 

HCPSS avoids any conflicts of interest with individuals selected to serve on this committee as HCPSS policy states, “Persons with a pending student walking route and school bus stop appeal will be temporarily prohibited from participating in related activities of the Student Walking Route and School Bus Stop Review Committee.” 

When the Walking Route Committee receives the appeal document that parents submit, they respond to the location and walk the routes specifically looking for the stated parent concerns as well as any other concerns that were not mentioned in the document. After observations have been made, the committee discusses noted issues, any improvements that can or cannot be made, and then submits its recommendations to HCPSS staff.