What personal information is contained in the Zum app and is the information secure?

HCPSS shares information with Zum to allow them to provide services to students and families. The data shared with Zum under a Student Data Sharing Agreement includes the following: student ID number, first and last name, date of birth, school, grade, enrollment dates, home address, primary and secondary information for parents/guardians including phone numbers and email addresses to allow app logins, and whether or not a student is receiving special education services. Staff in the Office of Strategy & Data Privacy vetted the Zum app to ensure it is in line with Policy 3060 – Student Data Governance and Privacy

Sharing directory information with Zum is not a unique situation. HCPSS shares data with vendors in accordance with applicable laws so that they can provide services to our students and families. 
Like other vendors that HCPSS works with, Zum has signed a Student Data Sharing Agreement that outlines their use of the information HCPSS shares with them, including agreeing to keep the data secure and not sharing or selling the information with third parties.