What has already been done to address the transportation challenges this year?

At recent Board of Education meetings and in community updates, Superintendent Dr. Michael J. Martirano outlined several adjustments that HCPSS has made to realize improvements in student transportation services, including:  

  • Correcting the routes provided to contractors to align with information on the bus locator,  

  • Improvements to the process of how buses leave the Zum Services bus lot,   

  • Earlier bus lot departures to ensure the first pickup in the morning was on time,   

  • Correcting routes being input into the tablets on Zum buses and drivers becoming more familiar with the technology,   

  • Providing placards for buses to display in windows that shows the bus numbers families were provided with,   

  • Improved communication with families,   

  • Additional dry runs for bus routes,   

  • Providing the Superintendent daily updates of on-time arrival of buses for their first stop in the morning and at their first pickup school, and   

  • Simple improvements such as helping out-of-town drivers understand that in Maryland they may turn right on red.   

In addition, all of the routes that were suspended at the start of the school year due to the bus driver shortage will be restored beginning Monday, Sept. 18.