What does the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future require for community school programs?

MSDE and local community school programs are required to follow identified community school best practices that include:

  1. provision of a community school coordinator at each community school;
  2. completion of needs assessment at the community school site that informs the needed wraparound services;
  3. implementation of family and community engagement activities, including opportunities for adults and family members of students who live in the neighborhood of the school;
  4. expansion and enrichment of learning opportunities both in-school and after school, during weekends, and in the summer;
  5. provision of education, support, and resources that empower parents, students, teachers, principals, and community partners; and,
  6. provision of support for parent teacher organizations or school family councils and a community school leadership team.

    Source: https://marylandeducators.org/community-schools/