Will 2020-2021 virtual instruction synchronous (live) classes be recorded?

HCPSS does not allow video recordings of live instruction in order to:

  • Remove barriers that would suppress student voice and engagement by instead encouraging interactive learning spaces that promote student voice, welcome risk taking and that use mistakes as an opportunity for learning
  • Limit opportunities for students/staff shaming or bullying through social media memes
  • Remain in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which applies to any electronic or hard copy document that directly relates to a student, including video recordings ¬†
  • Meet accessibility requirements as closed captioning is automatically turned off during a recorded Google Meet
  • Recognize and respect the increased teacher workload due to virtual instruction
  • Honor the partnerships with our bargaining units related to video recording live lessons or mandating pre-recorded lessons¬†

Staff are working to continue supporting students and families in any way possible. Two new additional family supports are in development and will be ready for launch this fall: a video repository and evening support center. Details on these and additional supports are forthcoming.

Families may contact their school counselor with any questions.