Will Fall 2020 parent/teacher conferences be held?

Note: This help topic is out of date and currently archived.

Yes, parent/teacher conferences will be held virtually Monday, November 23-Wednesday, November 25. From November 13-19, parents/guardians can sign up for a conferences time in HCPSS Connect. Details on how to register can be found online. Please check with your child's school for specifics on this year's conferences.

Parents/guardians must use their student’s login to join a conference:

  1. Go to hcpss.me
  2. Select the Google Meet button
  3. Log in using student credentials
  4. Enter meeting code

Meeting codes were included in confirmation emails for those parents/guardians who selected that option. Google Meet codes also can be found by 

  1. Log in with parent/guardian credentials to HCPSS Connect
  2. Select More Options (Family File, Report Card, etc) from the left navigation
  3. Select Conference Scheduling (View or Schedule ARL/Dig Ed) in the middle
  4. Click on View My Conference Schedule from the left navigation
  5. Copy Google Meet code from applicable conference

Parents/guardians who experience any difficulty logging in to a conference should email their child's teacher.

General information on Google Meet can be found online. Parents/guardians are reminded of privacy guidelines around all Google Meet sessions.