How will “continuity of learning” services be provided to students whose IEPs contain community-based instruction or vocational placements?

Note: This help topic is out of date and currently archived.

Students age 14 and older are required to have transition goals, objectives and activities as part of their Individualized Education Plan (IEP) in the areas of employment, education/training, and independent living. For some students this means they participate in career and community instruction including supported employment. Instruction and services in these areas were considered for each student when his/her Individualized Continuity of Learning Plan (ICOLP) was developed. During distance learning, students will not continue participation in work and community settings. However, transition teachers and special educators will continue to provide lessons and instruction that align to transition goals/objectives and activities identified in the ICOLP. Utilizing a variety of teacher created and online materials, lessons may include independent living and career topics such as self advocacy, health, and safety as well as college and career exploration.