During the 2020-2021 school year, what type of services will be considered for students with disabilities?

Recovery Efforts - General Education

  • General education services provided to students with and without disabilities to support the loss of instructional time/lack of progress

Note: Beyond the general education recovery efforts, there may be future consideration for providing supplemental support to groups of students due to the impact of COVID-19 school closure on student learning. These Covid Impact Supports would be provided through the Department of Special Education.

Compensatory Education/Recovery Services - Special Education

  • Provided if a student has been denied a free, appropriate public education (FAPE) as a result of the failure of the school system to implement the IEP. The purpose of these services is to remediate the negative impact experienced by the students due to the loss of FAPE


  • Provided due to the inability to implement the IEP during the period of extended school closure and heightened health and safety needs. Considered after a period of instruction and examination of data to document recoupment of skills or persisting skill deficits


  • Determined and documented through a collaborative process between the parents and school team.