Is a change of up to 10 minutes sufficient to solve the delayed buses?

The current routing for Tier 1 schools has buses arriving at the school 10 minutes before the first bell which did not take into account the significant traffic at schools within 10 minutes of school starting with families and students driving to school. In the morning, while the Tier 1 buses get to their first stop on time, they are getting stuck in the congestion trying to get onto the campus and then getting out of the campus to begin their Tier 2 pick-ups. Then they arrive to their Tier 2 school late, and subsequently are late to their Tier 3 schools. This is putting them significantly behind schedule to begin their Tier 2 routes. The earlier drop-off at the Tier 1 schools under the plan beginning Sept. 20 will allow for buses to get in and out and begin their Tier 2 stops earlier and get students to school on time. 

In the afternoon, there will now be more time between the Tier 1 and 3 dismissals which will provide the slack needed to get buses to Tier 2 schools, and then subsequently to Tier 3 schools, on-time, to get students home.