What additional supplies do students attending in-person need to bring?

Students who have been provided with a school-issued Chromebook should bring the device and power cord, as well as any external keyboard/mouse they may opt to use. Students without an HCPSS device should bring their own device and power cord. Students who have headphones are encouraged to bring them.

Students should come to school fully prepared with any necessary school supplies (e.g. pencils, notebooks, etc.) Students may check with their teachers for any required supplies on a particular day, especially for related arts.

In addition, HCPSS recommends students bring to school:

  • A water bottle, to prevent contamination from water fountains
  • A book for pleasure reading, puzzles or another activity to keep busy during breaks between instructional sessions
  • A jacket or outdoor wear when weather-appropriate, as students will have an outdoor break and school buses will have windows open to promote air circulation