If a parent submits an appeal to a student transportation decision, what is entailed in the appeal process and where is that process posted? How is a verdict reached?

The Implementation Procedures outlined in Policy 5200 detail the appeals process under section

V. Walking Route and School Bus Stop Appeals, where it states:

  1. Parents who have a concern about their student’s walking route or school bus stop location will contact the Student Transportation Office to indicate their concern.
  2. If the parent disagrees with the response from the area manager, the parent will be provided a Walking Route and School Bus Stop Appeal form.
  3. Walking Route and School Bus Stop Appeals must be submitted to the Student Transportation Office in writing, using the Walking Route Appeal Survey or the School Bus Stop Survey forms.
  4. Appeals will be forwarded to the Student Walking Route and Bus Stop Review Committee, who will submit its findings and recommendations to the Superintendent/designee.
  5. The Superintendent/designee will review the committee’s findings and recommendations, as well as those of the Student Transportation Office, and render a decision that will be communicated to the appellant.
  6. If the appellant is not satisfied with the Superintendent’s decision, a final written appeal may be made to the Board of Education.