How will HCPSS ensure the safe arrival of students to and from school during severe, inclement weather, poor air quality days or when there is a threat of severe weather?

The safe arrival and dismissal of students to and from school is paramount and this requires the collaborative effort of families, county agencies, and the school system. The HCPSS Office of Student Transportation regularly coordinates with the Chief Operating Officer to evaluate weather conditions to determine if there is a likelihood that weather will have an impact on student safety as students travel to and from school. Students traveling to and from school—whether by bus, car, riding a bike, or walking—are always considered when making weather-related decisions. It is common to delay the start of school opening or dismissal to account for inclement weather.

Additionally, we encourage parents, guardians, and family members to stay abreast of weather and air quality issues to ensure the safety and conduct of their children from the time they leave home until they board the school bus or enter school property and from the time they leave the school bus or exit school property at the end of the day.