Will parents and other visitors entering the school be required to show proof of vaccination or testing?

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Update: November 15, 2021

Effective Monday, October 11, visitors are not permitted to attend events that occur indoors or outdoors during the school day, such as spelling bees, assemblies, activities associated with American Education Week, and field days, to limit interaction with students in the school building.

Parents/guardians are also not permitted to eat lunch in the school cafeteria or in the outdoor area. At the elementary and middle levels, parents/guardians will need to check out their child from school, and at the high school level parents/guardians will need to provide or send an early dismissal letter for their child if they wish to eat lunch with them.

Additionally, current HCPSS students will not be permitted to visit a school that is not their own during the school day for field trips and volunteer opportunities. However, HCPSS students going to another school as part of their academic schedule, including students who go to ARL or another school for academic requirements, would not be required to provide proof of vaccination.

Parents/guardians and visitors who are entering the school for a brief visit to pick up or drop off their child, or for other reasons that do not involve interaction with students, are not required to show proof of vaccination or testing.They are, however, required to be masked regardless of their vaccination status.

Visitors should perform a COVID-19 health check every day before coming to an HCPSS building and should stay home if they are experiencing any symptom(s) associated with any communicable disease.

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