In the 2021-2022 elementary school report cards, why do the reporting codes for academics differ from learning behaviors?

For elementary school report cards, learning behaviors reporting codes are:

  1. Meets Expectations
  2. Making Progress Towards Expectations
  3. Limited/No Progress Towards Expectations

Alternately, academic reporting codes are as follows:

  • Academic reporting codes for prekindergarten through grade 2 are:
    • Independent
    • With Assistance
    • Not Apparent at This Time
  • Academic reporting codes for grades 3 through 5 are:
    • Outstanding Level 90-100%
    • High Level 80-89%
    • Satisfactory Level 70-79%
    • Low Level 60-69%
    • Failure 59% and below

The reporting codes are purposefully different, to make it clear that one set refers to learning behaviors, and the other set(s) refer to academics.