What are the cafeteria protocols for the 2021-2022 school year?

Update: March 18, 2022

Mask wearing is optional when students are in the cafeterias.

Elementary school students will have assigned cafeteria seating, which will facilitate close contact identification for the younger students if contact tracing becomes necessary. HCPSS is exploring ways to provide separation between students at cafeteria tables.

Hand sanitizing stations are in place throughout the school building, including in the cafeteria, so all students have a chance to use them before and after eating.

Where possible and when weather permitting, students may have the opportunity to eat lunch outside to lessen the number of students in the cafeteria. HCPSS will utilize grant funding where applicable to increase the number of monitors to facilitate the use of outside spaces for lunch. 

To further monitor the environment in cafeterias, carbon dioxide sensors with data logging capabilities have been installed and will monitor the level of CO2 in each school’s cafeteria. This system will provide an indication of the effectiveness of the outdoor air ventilation in diluting airborne contaminants.