Will there be any changes to redistricting plans for the 2020-2021 school year?

The attendance area adjustments approved by the Howard County Board of Education on November 21, 2019 are well underway. Prior to the school closure on March 16, 2020, HCPSS had already set in motion all of the actions necessary to ensure a smooth transition for the adopted school boundaries being implemented for the next school year.

Many school administrators and staff have already welcomed their new families during school orientations in January. During the school orientations, families were able to meet staff, become familiar with the school, learn about school programs, and ask questions of the school administrators. Since the time of the school orientations, families were encouraged to keep up with their new school by visiting the school website to receive up-to-date information about the school, staff, students and community. They were also invited to attend school events, such as concerts, games, and PTA meetings.

During the closure, schools continue to plan for visitations that are scheduled to occur for all students transitioning to new schools. These school visitations were scheduled during the school day to allow students to engage with school administrators, staff, visit classrooms, meet students, and tour the building. Revisions to the format of these school visits are currently underway to accommodate the virtual school learning environment. School visits are still on schedule, and families will soon receive information about upcoming dates, times, and directions on how to participate in these important events.

Staff will continue to collaborate between schools to share the most appropriate class placement, accommodations, supports, and all other relevant information in order to help your child thrive in their new placement. This articulation process started before the school closure and will continue over the next several months. School administrators are planning open houses, summer activities and other “getting acquainted” activities for new students and families.

While school building closures have required some modifications to the process, supporting students and families through the transition to a new school is of utmost importance and continues to be our priority as we move forward. More information on supporting students at a new school is provided online.