Can I/my child receive credit from an online class that is not affiliated with HCPSS or the JumpStart dual enrollment program?

Current HCPSS students who are interested in enrolling in a non-HCPSS fully online class, other than a college level course, during the 2020-2021 school year should review the following information to ensure the course(s) meet MD COMAR and can be awarded high school credit. Board of Education Policy 8200 Digital Education specifies the eligibility criteria under which HCPSS students may enroll in HCPSS digital education. Students who do not meet the eligibility criteria who still wish to enroll, may do so but will be responsible for course tuition costs and fees.

Students seeking to enroll in a course should meet with their school counselor to:

  1. Discuss the readiness of taking a fully online course(s) and the appropriateness of the specific course(s) to be taken based on the student’s high school academic plan.
  2. Determine if the student has met the course prerequisites listed in the HCPSS Catalog of Approved High School Courses.
  3. Ensure that the course(s) and course provider are approved by the HCPSS and can be awarded high school credit.

Parents/guardians who are interested in enrolling in a Home Instruction program, including a MSDE-approved private school or MSDE-approved online program used for home instruction oversight should contact the HCPSS Home Instruction Office. Information for Home Instruction applications and programs can be found online.