Does HCPSS have a prekindergarten enrollment option?

HCPSS has a half-day prekindergarten program, available first to students who meet first priority criteria: income eligible, homelessness and foster care.

When space allows, other applicants who meet the second priority criteria may be accepted. However, space is dependent upon current countywide enrollment. Most often, applicants that do not meet the first priority criteria will not be accepted.

Details on the HCPSS pre-K program can be found online.

In addition, HCPSS includes Regional Early Childhood Centers (RECCs) within nearly half of our local elementary schools. Our RECCs offer high quality early childhood programs that focus on developing kindergarten readiness skills for all children in classrooms that include children with and without disabilities. The Learning Together Program (LTP) enables all young children to play with each other, develop long-term friendships, and benefit from a diverse and stimulating environment. A limited number of openings are available for children without disabilities. Children are selected based upon screening information. Participation in the Learning Together Program requires a monthly fee and families are required to provide their own transportation daily.

For more information, contact the Office of Early Intervention Services at 410-313-7017 or