What happens if I/my child tests negative on the rapid antigen test?

Update: August 16, 2021

If a symptomatic student tests negative on the rapid antigen test, the nurse or health assistant will run a confirmatory PCR test. A second nasal swab will be obtained, placed in a tube with a preservative medium and sent to a lab. The confirmatory PCR test may take a few days up to one week to complete. The school will notify their parent/guardian immediately after the point of care testing is completed and the student must go home.  

Parents/guardians can obtain an additional PCR at an outside testing location if they choose to do so for a result in under 24 hours.  The parent/guardian will need to provide proof to the school of the results. If the student tests negative with the PCR, the student may return to school when clear of their symptoms per communicable disease procedures. Please note that if either test is positive, the student will be considered to have a positive test and will need to isolate.