What instructional supports are in place for a full classroom that has to quarantine?

Note: This help topic is out of date and currently archived.

When a full classroom is in quarantine, there are several opportunities for them to remain engaged in learning and receive instructional support. Though COVID-related absences are considered excused absences, it is important that students take advantage of these opportunities so they are able to return from quarantine and easily transition back into in-person instruction.

An overview of instructional supports available to students in quarantine is available online.

The following instructional resources are available when full classroom must quarantine:

Elementary School Students (Grades pre-K - 5)

  • All elementary school students asked to quarantine will be provided a robust packet of grade level instructional materials that cover content areas, including related arts, for the marking period aligned to the quarantine. (Packets previously sent home differ from quarantine instructional materials. The packets sent home earlier this year are an additional resource that may be used immediately after a student is told to quarantine and until they receive a device and robust instructional material packet.) The robust packets are only to be used in the event a student needs to quarantine. The tasks that students complete from the packet will not be used as an assessment or counted toward any part of the students’ report card grade.
  • Students may also access instructional materials via their teacher’s Canvas page. If a student has not been assigned an HCPSS-issued device, one will be provided by the school.
  • Students will receive modified virtual instruction for English/Language Arts and Mathematics.
  • Beginning in late September/early October, students will have access to virtual tutoring services via the Evening School program.

Middle and High School Students (Grades 6 -12)

  • Students may access instructional materials via their teacher’s Canvas page. 
  • Students will log in and participate in a Google Meet virtual instruction for the class in quarantine, during its regularly scheduled time.
  • Students may access fully virtual instruction for the specific classroom experiencing a full quarantine.
  • Students may participate in twice weekly check-ins with classroom teachers for the remaining courses. 
  • Beginning in late September/early October, middle school students will have access to virtual tutoring services via the Evening School program.

Additionally, staff at every school are available to support the social-emotional health and well-being of all students during their period of quarantine.