Can anyone participate in a Feasibility Student Focus Group?

Update: June 16, 2022

Virtual focus groups will be composed of no more than 15 people each. If the level of interest exceeds the focus group meeting capacity, participants may be selected at random to participate. Individuals selected to participate will receive an email by Friday, June 24. Only the individuals who receive an email to participate may attend the sessions.  
Community members have many other ways to get involved as well and are encouraged to complete the Feasibility Study survey to indicate if they plan to attend any of the scheduled in-person community feedback sessions. The location of the session is not specific to the school community they are held in. Families and community members may attend any session.  

Please Note: The information presented at both the in-person feedback sessions and virtual sessions is the same. The virtual focus groups are an alternative to the in-person feedback sessions and are designed to have smaller attendance to facilitate more engagement and enhance the digital experience for participants.