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Will 2020-2021 fall athletics be played?

Athletic programs fall under the jurisdiction of the Maryland State Department of Education and the Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association. On June 9, 2020, MSDE published an updated recovery plan for education, which includes new information related to fall sports. The report details three possible options for athletic activities which will be based on the guidance of MPSSAA, the local school system, and the local health department.

The three options include (1) the possibility of a complete cancellation of fall athletics, (2) the full resumption of athletic activities, dependent on being in phase three of the Governor’s recovery plan, and (3) a modified and gradual resumption of athletic activities. A modified approach could potentially vary from county to county, and athletic competitions could range anywhere from within-team competitions to full competition between teams from the same local geographic area.

HCPSS will continue to work with MSDE and MPSSAA through the summer, approaching the scheduled return to athletics in August, and will prepare facilities for anticipated use by HCPSS athletic teams this fall.