What academic opportunities will be available for students attending Guilford Park High School (High School 13)?

As we get closer to the opening of Guilford Park High School, HCPSS staff will work collaboratively with students and families to meet the needs and interests of all students and explore creative solutions that allow students to participate in a wide range of academic opportunities. GPHS Principal Josh Wasilewski and Assistant Principal Adrienne Williams bring a wealth of experience and excitement to their new roles.

The specific academic classes that are implemented at each high school are largely dependent on student interest. Therefore, it is anticipated that most academic courses that are offered at the other 12 HCPSS high schools will be offered at GPHS as well. 

Students at GPHS will be allowed to register for the same courses offered at all HCPSS high school schools as included in the HCPSS Catalog of Approved High School Courses. Following the same process in which the master schedule of classes is determined in the other high schools, students going to the new school will select courses at the same time as all other high school students across Howard County. Course selection takes place during December through January. The courses implemented at GPHS for the 2023-24 school year will be based on student course registrations.